Energy Medicine

Hands-On Healing of the Human Energy Field


Janelle Durham, 2001





      The Human Energy Field: Common elements of energy theories

      Hands-On Energy Healing: Common elements of healing techniques

      Some Scientific Support for Energy Healing

      A Chart Summarizing Data from Relevant Research

      The Physio-Emotional Link. Association between physical disease and emotional issues

      Exercises to Experience Energy and to Amplify Energy

      A Sample Energy Healing Session

  A Review of Techniques for Hands-on Healing

      Energy Healing

      Hands of Light

      Hands-on Healing

      Healing in the Way of God

      Healing Touch

      Hucha Mikhuy

      Jin Shin Jyutsu

      Joys Way

      Ju|hoansi Community Healing Dance

      Kahuna Healing

      Native American Medicine

      Pranic Healing

      Qi Gong

      Quantum Touch



      Therapeutic Touch

      Other Sources

  A Few Useful Tools: Muscle Testing and Neurolymphatic Massage

  Phantom Limb Pain and Energy Medicine

      Bibliography and Links