Healing Touch

Background: Where does this technique come from?

Definition: Modern technique. Healing touch is a nonintrusive, complementary energy-based program developed through the nursing profession to clear, align, and balance the human energy system through touch. Through this realignment, the client’s energy system is restored to higher levels of functioning and healing of the physical body is promoted and accelerated.” (Batie, 56)

Source: Awakening the Healer Within: An Introduction to Energy-Based Techniques. Howard F. Batie, D.M. St. Paul: Llewellyn Publications, 2000. Description. [See note below]

Origin of Method / History: Janet Mentgen, RN, BSN, noticed in her nursing practice the “beneficial effects many clients exhibited after having their energy field ‘manipulated’ in various intuitively guided fashions. She began correlating certain hand movements within the patient’s energy field and the results that energy manipulation produced… these positive effects were discernable and repeatable… she [developed] a more formal, structured program of instruction for others.” (Batie, 57-58) Healing Touch is now taught in universities and many major hospitals.

Theory: What is energy? What is energy healing?

What energy is worked with? Batie has an extensive discussion of his theory of energy and energy medicine, but it isn’t clear how much of this is in line with Healing Touch theory and how much comes from other sources. (Healing Touch is only one of multiple techniques covered in this book.)

Practice: How does a healing session work for this technique?

Treatment techniques: Healing Touch teaches 30 or so core techniques, including therapeutic touch, “ultrasound”, magnetic unruffled, hopi technique, pain drain, pain ridge, lymphatic drain, and spiritual surgery.

Ultrasound. A basic HT technique. Good for pain management, stopping bleeding, accelerating wound healing, accelerating healing of broken bones. Practitioner places “the tips of the thumb, forefinger, and middle finger of one hand together and imagining or visualizing the unseen energy spike, which projects out the end of each digit for 6-8 inches, being focused into a single, strong beam of energy. Now, without bending the wrist, move your whole forearm back and forth in a random motion so that your fingertips are about an inch or two above the injured area… the energy beam from your moving hand is penetrating deeply within the etheric body… this focused energy beam breaks up disturbed or blocked vibrational patterns caused by the energy. If this technique is begun immediately after traumatic injury and continued for several minutes, the trauma to the energy pattern of the physical body will not be reflected up into the energy pattern of the etheric body.” (Batie, 61-2)

Spiritual Surgery: An advanced intervention whose goal is to repattern the etheric body to a vibrational state of greater health. The healer “simply opens himself as an instrument of healing from the higher dimensions… the energies are recognized as the energies of specific higher-dimensional beings and spiritual surgeons who are working through the healer for the greatest good of the client.” (Batie, 70) In Batie’s example, he laid his hands on the client’s abdomen, then felt his etheric hands slip inside her abdomen. During the 15 minutes of healing, he “saw” and “heard” a “medical operation being performed inside her abdomen with several instruments including scalpels, hemostats, and needle and thread.” (Batie, 72)

Studies done: Multiple studies are cited in Benor.

[Please note: This article was written in 2001, and the information is based on Batie. In 2007 and 2008, 2 healing touch practitioners wrote to me that they felt the information presented here does not fully represent the technique, and they recommend that those who wish to learn more about Healing Touch go to www.healingtouch.net]

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