Kahuna Healing (kaomi, kahi and manamana)

Background: Where does this technique come from?

Definition: Traditional healing method, uses acupressure-like methods, stroking, and energy field transfers. Purpose is “releasing energy that is blocked by tension, stimulating the flow of bioenergy [mana] to promote self-healing, and reinforcing healing suggestions given by the healer.” (King, 120)

Source: Kahuna Healing by Serge Kahili King. Wheaton, IL: Theosophical Publishing, 1983. Description

Origin of Method / History: Traditional Polynesian belief system and healing techniques. Oral history tells of a race of beings from another solar system who came to earth and brought with them psychic abilities and huna beliefs. Members of kahuna orders have kept knowledge alive since that time, sometimes openly and sometimes clandestine, due to political or legal issues.

Theory: What is energy? What is energy healing?

What energy is being worked with? Mana. “Psychic force or divine power…the life force that permeates the universe, which is highly concentrated in living things… mana seems to have many of the characteristics of electricity, magnetism, and gravity, and the kahunas view these as variations on it.” (King, 63) The means by which mind effects matter is mana… manifests itself both as a flow or current, and as a field. (King, 91)

Sources of Energy: Mana can be increased through visualizing it as increasing, through specialized breathing exercises, eating certain foods, using songs and chants, and especially by consciously building up emotion. (King, 63) “Emotion is the movement of mana in the body accompanied by a specific thought.” (King, 63.)

Energy centers/pathways: “The principle points of interaction or interchange are those located along a line running from the perineum up the front and back of the body to the fontanel as well as others in the hands and feet.” (King, 91)

What is illness / health? “Beliefs, according to Huna, are the root of all illness. Specific symptoms are treated as part of the overall healing process because it is recognized that they merely serve to mask the true cause of illness.” (King, 109) “Illness is caused by tension resulting from conflicts of thought and emotional energy.” (King, 112)

What is the mechanism for healing? “The function of medicine is to stimulate an excitement of energy flow in the body which will aid in breaking up the tension-induced illness. (King, 113) Also, “a major task of the kahuna healer is to help people change their beliefs from unhealthy to healthy ones.” (King, 47)

Role of practitioner: Chooses which healing methods to use based on the nature of the illness and the belief system of the patient. “Kahunas will always work within the patient’s belief system, because to do otherwise would invite resistance to the healing process.” (King, 111)

Who can heal? Training? “A true kahuna is someone who has been initiated by a natural or adoptive parent and trained in an organized body of esoteric knowledge as part of an identifiable group.” (King, 30) Under description of kahi, King states “can be used by anyone, because everyone emits mana, but the more mana emitted, the more effective it is.” (King, 122)

Practice: How does a healing session work for this technique?

Kahuna healing techniques include diet, exercise, ritual, amulets, objects charged with mana, etc. Energy medicine techniques include the following:

Kaomi – “Similar to acupressure… applying a downward pressure at special points on the body…The concept is that the pressure stimulates an increased interaction between the point of pressure and the mana in the environment or in the healer’s hands, which results in an increased flow that acts to break up tension.” (King, 122)

Kahi – “Applying gentle pressure to tension areas or lightly stroking the area with the open hand.” (King, 122)

Manamana – “resembles kahi in appearance, except that the hands of the healer do not touch the patient. Instead they are generally held a few inches to a foot away… The healer builds up a surplus of mana in himself … and transfers this to the field of the patient by means of his hands, his will and his imagination… a kind of induction effect takes place in which the flow from the healer charges the patient’s field, inducing a current flow in the patient’s body.” (King, 122-3)

Uses: When is this Technique useful?

Duration / Frequency: Sometimes symptomatic relief is immediate and sometimes several such treatments are required, depending on how chronic the condition has been and how fearful of change the patient is.

What do practitioners say it is useful for/ Contraindications: Not specifically addressed.

Studies done: None that I am aware of.

Spiritual Component: “Most important element in kahuna healing … is the god-self, aumakua, or, in simple terms, God. All healing, in the kahuna view, is really nothing more than the result of a natural communion with the god-self, or allowing its source energy to flow freely along the original pattern of the etheric body.” (King, 132)

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