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All the articles on this site were written by me, Janelle Durham. I give my permission for any of these items to be printed and distributed for the purposes of educating pregnant women and other interested persons.

Fair Use of Materials as written:

You are welcome to use them as part of a class or your doula services, where you are charging for your class or your services, as long as the fee is for your time and expertise, not for these materials. You can also link to them from your website. Please cite me as the author.

You cannot sell these materials. You may ask for reimbursement for printing or copying costs, but otherwise, I would ask that no profit be derived from the sale of these materials.

Using Excerpts from this information:

You are also welcome to cut and paste from these webpages any information that you would like to use in your own documents.

However: anytime that any portion of an article is printed, or used in electronic form, I ask that the following conditions be met:

If you excerpt significant portions of a page, but are not using the entirety of my work in that article, I ask that you put a statement that “this material was excerpted from an article by Janelle Durham.” This statement that it was excerpted is important to me, because I cannot take responsibility for any omissions in the material based on what you have chosen to leave out.

If you use only a small portion of any one article, you need not cite my name as a source.


I offer this material up free of charge. If you find you are making frequent use of this material, please consider making a donation to the organization I work for, Great Starts Birth & Family Education in Seattle. You can donate whatever amount you think fairly reflects how much benefit you have gained from using these materials. Where the form asks for donation notes, please put “As a thank you for materials on the transitiontoparenthood site.”


I do offer childbirth educator workshops twice per year in Seattle, and am able to travel for other training workshops, or to do consulting for your hospital or agency. More information available here.


Articles on this site were written between 2000 and 2008.


Janelle Durham, MSW, ICCE, LCCE, CD