Artwork Showing Positions for Labor and Birth


When I was working on my own handouts, and on posters for class, I found it was always a struggle to find the right illustrations. I created these for my own needs, but have put them here on my website so anyone who wants to use them can access them.

To use these (if you have Internet Explorer): right-click on an image, and you can copy it, then paste it into your Word document, or wherever. Or, doubleclick on any of these images, and it will open up a bigger, higher-resolution image which can then be copied and pasted.

Note that I am not a great artist, and you could easily do these same types of illustrations yourself. Hereís how I did them: find a drawing or photograph or clip art of the position you want to illustrate, then use tracing paper to copy a simple line drawing of that picture, then scan it into the computer for cutting and pasting to your heartís content. If you canít find a good photo of the position you want, make your own: for a few of these positions, I had my husband pose, then I snapped a digital picture of him, then printed that and traced it, adding in some feminine (and pregnancy) curves!


Exercises: Tailor Sit, Tailor Press, and Pelvic Tilts:



Positions for Resting During Labor



Positions for Being Active During Labor


Positions for Back Labor


Positions for Birth