Benefits of Breastfeeding


Overcoming Challenges




Preparation for Breastfeeding


Maternal Nutrition




Anatomy and Physiology


Pumping, Storing, Bottle-feeding




Breastfeeding in the First Hour


Choosing a Breast Pump




How to Breastfeed: Position and Latch


Breastfeeding Continues…




Frequency and Duration of Feedings






Signs that Baby is Getting Enough


Breastfeeding Resources


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Copyright notice: Each of these breastfeeding articles has a link to a version that can be printed, and handed out. The only restrictions are that they must be printed as is, with author credit intact, and must be distributed free of charge. The handouts are in PDF form. To read those, use Acrobat Reader, which can be downloaded free.


In these handouts, references to “PCN” are references to additional information in Pregnancy, Childbirth, and the Newborn by Simkin et al. Page numbers are for the 2001 edition. I included these page numbers as PCN is the standard text that almost all childbirth educators distribute to their students here in the Pacific Northwest. For more information on bulk orders of PCN, see