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More: Prenatal Yoga, Photographers, Therapists, etc.


Childbirth Education (For a full discussion about options for birth education classes and how to choose the best one, etc., see Childbirth Classes 101.)

·    Great Starts Birth & Family Education.

·    Summary of all the class options in Seattle, both hospital classes and community based classes. (also in pdf) Contact info for registering for classes at any of the class locations.



Doula Referrals (for a full discussion about doulas, see Doulas 101.)

·    Birth Doulas:

o   PALS Doulas – Seattle Area; (206)325-1419.

o Search for doulas nationwide who are available for your due date, review training and qualifications, and compare doulas.

o   Other nationwide resource lists.

·    Postpartum Doulas:

o   Northwest Association for Postpartum Support (NAPS) (206)956-1955.

o Search for and compare doulas.


Hospitals, Birth Centers, and Home Birth

·    The Great Starts Guide offers

1.    Articles about options for birthplace, and why women might choose hospital, home birth or birth centers. Articles about care providers, and why women might choose doctors or midwives.

2.    Charts comparing all the birth place options in Seattle, rating them on how closely they align with recommended maternity care practices.

·    Information about local birthplaces: cesarean rates from 2006 (range from 23-40%)

·    Birth Centers. Best Beginnings in Lynnwood, Cascade in Everett, Eastside Birth Center in Bellevue, Puget Sound Birth Center in Kirkland, Seattle Birth Center on Capital Hill, and Seattle Home Maternity in Columbia City.



Midwives and Doctors (see definition of a midwife at

·    Finding a Licensed Midwife for a Home Birth or Birth Center Birth

·    Finding a Certified Nurse Midwife (generally, for a hospital birth, though some attend out of hospital births): or

·    Hospitals with nurse-midwives: Group Health Central, UWMC, Swedish Ballard, Valley Medical, Evergreen.

·    For listings of local nurse-midwives and licensed midwives, with comparisons of costs, policies, and intervention rates, see the Great Starts Guide.

·    To find an OB/Gyn or a family practice doctor who offers maternity services, check out the website for the hospital of your choice. They all have “find a doctor” search tools.

·    For reviews of local providers and birth places:


Breastfeeding Support / Lactation consultants (For information on how to breastfeed, see my breastfeeding home page.)

·    Breastfeeding Hotline by Birth & Beyond. Get all your questions answered! Free. Pager: (206) 615-8078. They also offer clinic appointments and home visits.

·    Breastfeeding hotlines by local hospitals, and national organizations.

·    Breastfeeding 9-1-1. Drop-in groups for support with breastfeeding. Every Friday, 11 am – 12:30 pm at Birth and Beyond.

·    Breastfeeding and Back to Work class. Learn about pumping, storing, re-heating, and making it all work. Can bring baby to class. Monthly at Birth & Beyond.

·    Listings for lots of local resources:

·    La Leche League Support Groups in King County 



Support Groups for New Parents

·   A chart summarizing several options: htm to view online, PDF to print

·   Some of my personal favorites

1.    PEPS – Program for Early Parent Support. “Newborn Groups” of 10 – 12 parents and their babies. Led by volunteers. Groups begin when babies are under 4 months and meet once a week for three months. $150 for daytime moms’ groups, $200 for evening couples’ groups. Must register in advance. PEPS also offers Baby Peppers for parents of babies 5 – 12 months old, and Little Peppers for families with two children under age 3.

2.    First Weeks. Drop-in group. Tuesdays, Wednesdays, noon to 2:00 pm at Birth & Beyond. For parents and their babies under 12 weeks of age. Informal Q&A / discussion, led by a nurse. Donation $10 per meeting.

3.    Listening Mothers. Support groups led by professional therapists. Explore the emotional experience of the early parent-child relationship. Groups include up to seven moms, and their babies age 0 – 6 months. Meets for 90 minute sessions, weekly for 8 weeks. $120

·    ICAN – International Cesarean Awareness Network. Provides support for cesarean recovery and planning for VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean). Two meetings per month.

·   Support groups for infant loss:

·   Information about other groups and their meeting times can be found in the calendar for the Puget Sound Adlerian Society.



Parent Education Programs for Parents and Children

Several local community colleges offer parent education programs for parents and their children, from birth through age 5. Programs may include: mom and baby playtimes, toddler groups, and co-operative pre-schools. Generally a fairly low-cost opportunity for recreation, socializing, making new friends, art and music activities for kids, and learning parenting skills. Contact:

·    North Seattle C.C. (206) 206-528-4625.

·    South Seattle C.C. (206)938-2278.

·    Bellevue C.C. (425) 564-2365; 

·    Lake Washington Technical College,

·    Shoreline C.C. (206) 546-4593.

·    Seattle Central (206)587-6906; Edmonds (425) 640-1665; Everett (425) 388-9300; Green River (425) 833-9111; Highline 878-3710 x3460 Renton Technical College, (425)235-2352.


General Information and Referrals

·    Family Help Line at Parent Trust: For parents who need support, information, referral to support groups and other resources. Parent support line open 9 am - 11 pm 1-800-932-HOPE (4673) or (206)233-0139. Resource database at

·    Children’s Hospital Resource Line, for basic health information: (206)526-2500

·    Crisis Line: 24 hour phone support for any personal/family crisis. (206)461-3222

·    Within Reach referral line: For information about public health services, free or low cost medical coverage, pregnancy testing, prenatal care, health care providers, WIC food and nutrition program, referral to lactation consultants, free or low cost immunizations, birth control information, smoking cessation programs, and resources for families of children with special needs. 1-800-322-2588, or



Resources for Low-Income Parents in Washington State: Note, some of these resources are available for people with incomes up to $47,000 a year.

Prenatal Yoga Classes in the Seattle Area. Many of these locations also offer mom and baby classes for after the birth.

Photographers specializing in Pregnancy, Birth, and Babies.

Therapists and Counselors specializing in pregnancy, birth, and new parents.

Videos you can check out at local libraries.

Acupuncturists, Chiropractors, and Naturopaths who work with pregnancy-related concerns.

Parent Coaches and Consultants to help you problem-solve your challenges.




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