Support for VBAC by local providers

Data from the 2007 survey of local birthplaces and maternity services conducted by Great Starts / Parent Trust for Washington Children


The numbers here tell you

1. What percentage of moms with a prior cesarean attempt VBAC (generally a high number here may indicate that the service actively encourages VBAC rather than merely allowing it if the mom asks)

2. What percentage of moms attempting VBAC have a vaginal birth (again, a higher number may indicate that this service has a high degree of success in supporting moms with VBAC goal)

If the number has a ~ in front of it, it is an approximate number, if it doesn't, then it's based on records. (If they keep records on VBAC, they may be more committed to VBAC success)

Beyond asking whether hospitals allow VBAC, we also asked if they “actively encourage or promote VBAC for appropriate candidates”. We have starred the services that said yes to this.


Auburn ~6% / ~95%

Enumclaw 55% / 68%  *

Evergreen Hospital: ~5%/~50%

Group Health 44% / 76%  *

Highline ~10% / 70%

Northwest did not complete our survey

Overlake says "few doctors allow it"

St. Francis - not allowed

Stevens 1% / 1%

Swedish Ballard - not allowed

Swedish First Hill say ~5% attempt

UWMC ~50% / 50%  *

Valley Medical did not answer the question


Research has indicated that the highest rate of VBAC success is typically higher with a nurse-midwife as a primary care provider. So, here are the statistics on nurse-midwife practices:


Cynthia Brown (delivers at Group Health Central) ~90% / ~50%  *

Center for Women's Health (deliver at Evergreen) ~90% / ~90%  *

Group Health Central midwives ~70% / 90%  *

Group Health Eastside midwives (deliver at Overlake) ~33% / ~33%  *

Midwives at Valley 0%

Nadeshiko Clinic (Japanese speaking - deliver at Evergreen) ~50% / ~80%  *

PSNHC (Puget Sound Neighborhood Health - deliver at Group Health Central) 84% / 70% **

Swedish Midwives at Ballard - 0%

University Midwives (UWMC) - 95% / 78%  *

Sally Avenson also accepts VBAC clients for deliveries at Group Health, but we don’t have her stats


Home birth midwives who say that they accept VBAC clients:

Exodus Midwifery, Moonrise Health & Birth, Rainy City Midwifery, Seattle Home Maternity