Why is this website free of charge?

Why is it commercial-free?


Once, someone asked me: ďSo you put all this work in, and you do it all for free? Whatís in it for you?Ē


My calling in life is to work with people who are in the midst of life transitions, offering them unbiased information and respectful support, and empowering them to make the choices that are right for them. Currently, I am working as a childbirth educator, and sharing a view of childbirth as a normal, positive, healthy life experience.


I donít charge for this information because I want it to be freely accessible to all. And I am blessed to have abundance in my life, where I am able to do the work I have a passion for without always having to pull in a paycheck for all my hours.


This website is also commercial-free. There are already several great sites on the web for birth info, but on most of them itís hard to even read the articles because of all the pop-up windows, and because they are so interspersed with ads for things no one really needs. So I choose not to accept any advertising. I do not even do link exchanges. (If someone sends me a request for a link, I will look at their website, and if itís informative and helpful, I often will link to it from somewhere on my site. But I will not link to sites that sell products I donít believe in.)


I donít charge for any of this material. However, if you would like to offer financial resources to support healthy moms, healthy babies, and empowered births, there are lots of great organizations out there to donate money to.


If youíre inspired to give right now, you can donate online to:

My employer, Great Starts Birth & Family Education: www.greatstarts.org/support.htm

The Coalition for Improving Maternity Services: www.motherfriendly.org/support/  

La Leche League International: www.lalecheleague.org/donor.html


Janelle Durham